Folding seat with seat in PUR material

Pur Folding seat with seat in PUR material, fit for the use in the shower area, having nice aesthetic appearance, easy cleaning, comfortable, safe and utterly solid structure free from any kind of elements which may cause accidents. This pre-assembled article has a structure in galvanized steel and the seat body entirely in soft polyurethane.
Materials ABS, Zync-plated steel, Aluminium, Antibacterial polyamid, Polyurethan
  • Black


  • Grey


CodeAxBxC (mm) Weight (kg)Vertical load (kg)
The wall fixing is secured by means of two stainless steel AISI 304 plates equipped with 6-polyamide leveling counter-plates. This fixing kit is completed by one quick plug-in polished 6-polyamide cover plate, which hides the screw heads and fall arrest protection clutch.