Decorations for wash basin module collection “Bagno cucciolo”

The wash basin module is proposed without or with engraved decoration.

The character for this article, the caterpillar, develops for the entire length of the module upper part (as indicated on the drawing).


  • They avoid any masonry
  • They enables the use of the existing inlets and drains
  • They may be custom-tailored.


Inspectable sanitary module for wash basin, in HPL, with or without decoration, external edge covered by soft vinyl profile.
Available colours: Blue/Light blue or Green/Pale Green.
Upper cover panel in 10mm HPL, yellow colour.
The frame of the mirror is available in the following colours: B1, B2, D1, D2, D4, G1, G2, I1, I2, P4, R1, W1, Y1, Y3.
For the water mixers please see the specific section in this website.
The bracket and the soft vinyl profile must be extra requested when ordering.
The vinyl profile is available in Green or Blue colour (G1, B1).