Why choosing the walk-in bathtub with internal opening door

Ponte Giulio offers a solution when you have to install a walk-in bathtub with door in narrow areas: the bathtub with internal opening door Model 656, a compact shape with reduced depth, enables the installation as a replacement of an old traditional bathtub or an old shower tray. The bathtub with internal opening door is 15 cm longer than the one with external opening door, so that the door opening may be guaranteed and there is enough space in the walkable area. This model of bathtub is particularly suitable for persons having a good motion capacity, average-sized, and for the installation in reduced spaces.


  • Because it offers self-sufficiency and privacy
  • Because it can be installed in reduced spaces
  • For average-sized persons
  • Because it has a compact shape
  • Because in some models a shower built-in drain may be installed


installation of the walk-in bathtub


The Ponte Giulio walk-in bathtub Model 655 has been conceived with two possibilities of installation: for laying on the floor as all other on the market, or with built-in drain. This kind of installation enables to lower down the step height of 8 cm compared to the level of the floor, offering a very easy access.



antislip feature of the walk-in bathtub

This bathtub offers an excellent walkable surface, where it may be possible to safely stand thanks to the antislip bottom.


dimensions of the walk-in bathtub

The walk-in bathtub with opening door Model 656 - M74MDS21 with its 70 cm width may allow an easy self-movement even in narrow environments.