Wall fixing kits for light walls

One of the most common problems when we have to install a product on light walls, such as drywall, is the fragility of the wall itself. If they are not reinforced on the inside back part, where the product has to be installed, special solutions must be used, such as the chemical dowel or in some cases is better not to proceed with installation, because of the risk of downfall.

A great solution is offered by Ponte Giulio: probably the most reliable and strongest fixing system presently on the Market for the mounting of grab bars and rails on light walls.


  • Because they eliminate the need to reinforce the walls
  • Never loosen
  • They are waterproof and fire resistant
  • They are suitable for the installation of all accessories and Ponte Giulio grab bars and rails.
  • Internationally patented
  • Used by every major hotel chains and senior homes throughout North America.