Caring for the environment

PONTE GIULIO cares about environmental protection and the effects caused by the transformation of the materials used in the production of its products.

In order to pursue this goal, Ponte Giulio carefully selects materials which have a low impact on the environment, from the raw materials and their transformation, to the manufacturing of a product, its disposal and the possibility of reusing the products.

For each item, a percentage of recycled and recyclable material is determined and stated in terms of weight. In order to increase this percentage, Ponte Giulio encourages its customers to limit the amount of waste and gives them the option of replacing damaged parts using reclaimed products.

Thus, Ponte Giulio products are not only recyclable but even reusable (*).

The respect for environment is not only achieved with “green” action but mainly through a definite way of thinking by the company’s management and employees. Ponte Giulio operates a thorough waste separation scheme. The raw materials and other substances used for production are chosen in order to provide both incredibly high quality for the final product and to guarantee the least possible impact on human beings and the environment. Controls such as emissions in the atmosphere, are thoroughly carried out and our suppliers are selected for sharing our attitude and vision.

In order to render this approach objective and visible, Ponte Giulio has conformed to the environmental standards set by UNI EN ISO 14001 “Environmental management systems”.

(*) Not all the items are reusable. The percentage of reusability is reported on the technical data sheets.