Floor level shower tray for an inclusive bathroom

The 40 years working experience, in solution for bathrooms, make Ponte Giulio a reliable partner for aged and disabled people, with its solutions which can be adapted to every style of furnishings.

Floor level shover tray

Floor level shower tray, for example, allows easy attainment to the washing point, but guarantees a fast maintenance and a complete cleansing of the space; this solution has a great valence where there is less availabilities of space.
Ponte Giulio has realized floor level shower tray in acrylic stone, that afford a refined customizing.

Coloured floor level shover tray

The acrylic stone boasts the same virtues of the natural one, is not absorbent or porous, is resistant to sunlight and has a color that doesn't change along years.
Ponte Giulio has selected a collection of colors, adaptable to every style.
This kind of showers have to be installed by technicians, in order to avoid a bad water-drainage.
The benefits of this models are:
- hygiene;
- easy cleansing;
- easy access.
Floor level shover tray with particular form

Ponte Giulio's floor level shower tray can be realized in every form and be inserted in every floor surface:
• complex ones;
• obliged width and depths;
• irregular forms.
Ponte Giulio, for an inclusive shower.