New slatted seats and benches

Slats, or planks, are typical elements for the configuration of seats or benches for both outdoor and indoor usage in busy environments such as airports, train stations, gyms but also in bathrooms. Lately, mainly for taste reasons, and specifically in bathroom environments, other solutions have been used instead of slatted seats, even though “slats” are the most practical and efficient option, at least from a constructive standpoint.

Slats’ characteristics

For the design and manufacture of its slatted seats, Ponte Giulio’s technicians have taken advantage of the company’s thirty years experience allowing them to improve and optimise the already good features of the previous slats’ model.
Even deciding to realise the slats in polyamide, which is still considered a proper material for this type of use due to its high breaking level, low density, good thermal and abrasion resistance, the most important improvements have concerned the shape, which is now saddle-backed and the width, that is now available in a double options. Another important feature is the treatment of the body’s thickness which has been increased in order to stiffen the slat’s more stressed part.

Advantages of the new seats

The new seats keep the same previous supporting frame in vinyl coated zinc steel, and feature not only the latest slats, but also a special element that completes the front side and one that increases the back side’s surface area. These elements have been specifically designed to improve the seats’ elasticity and, most importantly, to make the surface continuous and integrated.

One of the most evident features of the new seats is the gap between one slat and the other, which has now been reduced to less than eight millimetres in order to comply to the safety regulation UNI EN 12182. Last but not least the new slats are available in a wide array of colours in order to meet anyone’s needs.