Ponte Giulio: with  BIM we reach a new frontier of architectural planning

The Building Information Modeling represents the new frontier of the architectonic planning. It is a method which, overcoming the planning on paper and connecting involved professional figures in every step of the activities, guarantees optimal management of every information of the entire life-cycle of producing.

The revolution of this type of planning is that planners and technicians can work at best together, sharing the data and making simultaneous controls.

The BIM models are also fundamental for the cost esteem; their instruments, are based on more advanced calculations and simulations. This allows tho share correct numbers (above all that makes available more immediate information like color, dimensions, materials, transport...).

Talking with our foreign partners we have understood that we have to transform our technical documentation in BIM.

On 2016, in United Kingdom will be obligatory to work only on BIM models. In United States and Scandinavia this work methodology is higly used. In Italy, unfortunately, BIM is not still so diffused.

At the moment the only building completely realized with “BIM” technique is ENI headquarters in San Donato Milanese, and some other sporadic initiative.

We have chosen this methodology for our most demanded articles and “BIM Object” as partner.

“BIM Object” is converting our articles in BIM and, at the same time, is promoting them all around the world.

Thanks to “BIM Object” we are able to know how many articles are downloaded or visualized and this help us to understand which countries are most interested in our production but also which are the most searched articles.
For the moment twenty Ponte Giulio “BIM” models are available on www.bimobject.com, but before summer we will surely increase this number.
We have realized that for our articles planning is basic, so we have chosen to invest in the most advanced systems as BIM is.