"Educational" bathroom spaces

Suitable accessories and equipment make the little ones independent while using the bathroom.

Some English teachers have said that they have wasted many hours in the classroom teaching toilet hygiene. A simple approach is not enough, and the toilet facilities do not meet the children's needs. Cleaning, maintenance and safety are the key words in order to ensure that the toilet areas are accessed and valued by the children.


Bathrooms suitable for the needs of the child

Teaching how to use the facilities correctly


Teaching children about toilet hygiene and how to use the bathroom spaces correctly is very important, not only for parents but also for teachers.


In support of this increasingly important mission, a series of solutions have been created to help little children understand hygiene, beginning with pre school children, using fun products especially designed for them, with lively colours and with animal or plant themes. Furnishing systems that combine aesthetics and functionality have become the ideal solution for communal bathroom areas in, for example, nursery schools or infant schools, play areas, service station areas, restaurants and bars.


Bathroom sinks suitable for children


The designers, central figures in the preparation of children's bathrooms


The setting up of a bathroom for children between the ages of 3 and 6 is an important challenge for any designer. Beyond this threshold, especially between 6 and 10 years of age, children tend to use toilet facilities for adults, especially in places such as shopping centers and services station areas.

The setting up of children's toilets is made more complicated by the differences from child to child, which vary substantially according to development. The term infancy usually means approximately an age between 0 and 10 years old.

Here are some types of installation of sanitary products for children:


Correct installation of the WC and bathroom sinks


Right placement of the toilet and baby bathroom sink



How to create a divide between two areas of a children's bathroom


There are two very important areas when setting up a kid's bathroom. The sink area that can be furnished with both sanitary porcelain items and with a sink and console in acrylic stone. With this material, which can be molded into different shapes and sizes, you can make sinks with easy access to the water supply, sanitary equipment and antibacterial dispensers.



Baby bathroom sink



The toilet area, may include a countertop or suspended version. Even these products can be made to suit children, to help them use the toilet and its accessories easily. For example, a toilet measuring only 260mm in height or a larger one, with a maximum depth of 540 mm. These sanitary items match each other and installation is simplified with a free arrangement along a wall, regardless of the position of the pipes and drains. The sanitary items offer advantages to both those who have to use the toilets and sinks and to those who have to maintain them.


toilet baby bathroom



Baby bathroom sanitary module



The value of safety

The idea of clean and disinfected bathroom spaces, is without a doubt, peace of mind for many parents, in school toilets as well as play areas and shopping centers. There is an antibacterial system, able to make the bathroom and its components even safer and more hygienic. An antimicrobial technology that obviously has to be combined with the adequate cleaning of the area.



Child safety bathroom



When furniture is essential

Furniture that appeals to children can encourage them to use it, for example, washing their hands and brushing their teeth often. The accessories, in this sense, can play a fundamental role, making the environment joyful and playful, a magical world where every action becomes a game.


Baby bathroom accessories


In short, good education in hygiene and the correct use of sanitary facilities is passed on by educators and by suitable, child friendly, welcoming and colorful bathrooms, that are able to encourage them to be used.


Bathroom for children use