Ponte Giulio, a quality child's bathroom has an educational role

An appropriate environment can contribute to a peaceful growth

Ponte Giulio firmly believes in the educational role of schools. Above all, nursery schools, Kindergarden and primary schools which have a fundamental role in raising children. This is why the company has created a collection designed for children, which aims to help the little ones in being hygienic, and at the same time include a playful aspect.

The Bagnocucciolo collection, with its characters, makes hygiene a game and gives children a playful bathroom environment with lively colours, creating a warm, fantastic world.

Birdo®, for example, gives its name to the collection, of which he is the protagonist. A little bird with a round body, short wings, slender legs and big eyes. He looks nice and witty. Not only an aesthetic decoration but also functional that embellishes the bathroom fixtures, washbasins and accessories. A real friend for the children who feel at home with him, serene as if they were in a nest.

The merry brigade of the 'jungle' line, with the bear, the monkey, the flower, the parrot and the star animate the bathroom making the little ones feel like they are the protagonist of the Jungle Book. Surrounded by friendly faces who guide the children in their daily routine.

The yellow, red, lime green and celestial colours make the environment an almost magical place, as well as the flower shaped mirrors, the brightly colored tooth brush holder and towel, the vase covers and bathroom fixtures themselves.

The Bagnocucciolo program has recently been enriched with mini-consoles, mirrors and other antibacterial acrylic stone accessories, which can also be made entirely to measure. Articles that thanks to the raw materials used, allow you to add colour where white is normally dominant.

Ponte Giulio's products have also been designed for parents, for their peace of mind. The mini consoles in antibacterial acrylic stone make the bathroom even safer and more hygienic . In addition, the sanitary facilities are also especially sized for children, using anthropometric growth data.

What we want with Bagnocucciolo, explains the company, is to demonstrate the importance of a suitable place for children, appropriate in size while meeting their needs, and as a welcoming bathroom should be, colorful, decorated with objects that come to life in the child's imagination. This is surely an incentive to use the bathoom and its accessories.

Ponte Giulio: the advantage of a welcoming school.