Why choosing an opening tub

A side opening tub can be used by sitting comfortably. Intimacy is granted and risk of fall is avoided.

When deciding to refurbish the bathroom, the first intervention is frequently that of replacing the bath tub with a shower. This is a practical solution but it doesn’t take into account any possible future needs or physical limitations that some family members could later encounter.

It is important to consider that people who have always used a bath tub will probably have a psychological brake when changing to a shower.

To those people we suggest the installation of an opening tub. It represents a reasonable compromise as it can be used as a shower too. In fact, thanks to the seat, you can enjoy an invigorating bath, avoiding any risks of fall.
The immersion into water, at the right temperature of around 34 degrees, offers psychophysical comfort, muscular relaxation, pain relief, better working of peripheral circulation and the feeling of total relax.

An opening tub is advisable for people who live alone, as it can be used in autonomy avoiding any risk of loss of balance.

This kind of tubs also improve overall wellness as they guarantee intimacy, safety and comfort.