Ponte Giulio’s bathrooms for all ages

In 2021, more than one fifth (20.8 %) of the EU population was aged 65 and over

Ponte Giulio: our bathrooms are the best solution for aged people, being a mix of safety and design

The median age in the EU increased by 2.5 years between 2011 and 2021, rising from 41.6 years to 43.9 in 2020 and 44.1 years in 2021. It increased in almost all EU Member States, rising by 4 or more years in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, and Slovakia, but not in Sweden, where it decreased (from 40.8 years in 2011 to 40.6 years in 2021). Albania experienced the largest increase in median age over the past 10 years: this rose by 5 years, from 32.6 years in 2011 to 37.6 in 2021 (see Figure 2). Between 2020 and 2021, the median age increased in 23 Member States, in all EFTA and in all candidate countries while it decreased or remained constant in Belgium, Germany, Lithuania and the Netherlands. The largest increase in the median age in the EU between 2020 and 2021 can be observed in Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Slovakia, all rising by 0.4 year.

In this respect Ponte Giulio underline that its bathrooms are the best solution for aged people, being a mix of safety and design: “We have therefore chosen to focus our core business on specific products that can simplify life at home, grab bars, bathtubs with doors, seats, shower columns and walk-in showers."

Grab bars: our grab bars mare made from quality raw materials and are designed to last. They are available with a vinyl coating too and with surface treatment: painting, polishing, satin-finishing, or chrome-plating. At now they have become true furnishing accessories thanks to Life Caring Design and the HUG and OMNIA collections. New colours, such as aubergine, copper and lime, round, or oval shapes. All to move away from the concept of merely functional to functional furnishing. These generous bars, with their contemporary design, go well with mirrors, furniture, storage units and washbasins, and can change their appearance completely when fitted on shelves, storage trays, roll holders, jacket holders and towel holders.

Side-opening bathtubs: they are one of the mainstays of our offer. They allow the pleasure of an invigorating and relaxing bath, even for those whose physical condition does not allow it, guaranteeing privacy and comfort. All bathtubs are designed to keep inspection and maintenance to a minimum, offering multiple customisation possibilities.

The shower tray can replace an existing bathtub without major masonry work. The bathtub and mixer are removed, and pipes are checked to assess their condition and establish whether they need to be rearranged. Finally, the shower tray is laid, the drain is installed, and the panelling and enclosure are fitted too. With HUG collection, thanks to the flush-to-floor shower tray and to the shower enclosure with separate sliding glass doors, it is possible to have a safe and beautiful shower area. Finally, thanks to the Solo shower column, with its double function as shower and grab bar, the Ponte Giulio shower area is hygienic too, being Solo entirely made in stainless steel.

The seats: these are offered with innovative shapes and a trendy colour range as an alternative to steel, for a modern and sophisticated bathroom which can be combined with any decor.

Ponte Giulio: style and safety for the home of the future.