Grab bars that take care of the environment

"Integra", Ponte Giulio’s green evolution

These grab bars, made entirely of stainless steel, are sustainable, recyclable and antibacterial

Sustainability is one of the central issues for us all and we will increasingly have to take it into account for the choices we make in our communities. Ponte Giulio is constantly trying to limit its impact on the environment by avoiding the waste of resources and have as little environmental impact as possible.

Ponte Giulio has improved one of its grab bars collections, to limit more and more the use of raw materials that have a big environmental impact. The Prestigio+ line has in fact been updated with the addition of the INTEGRA model, an entirely stainless-steel version, because even a product as simple as a grab bar contributes to environmental protection.

Stainless steel is capable of combining the typical mechanical characteristics of steel, i.e. tensile strength and hardness, with the qualities of resistance to corrosion and oxidation thanks to the protective patina that forms on the surface of the metal with simple exposure to air, which blocks the process that would cause rust to form.
What makes stainless steel a champion of environmental sustainability is its durability and complete recyclability. The most ecological aspect of any item is found at the end of its life cycle, when it must be disposed of. Stainless steel can be demolished and re-melted to generate other sheets, tubes or bars that will be used to build other components and tools.

Stainless steel protects the environment and users alike, thanks to its undisputed hygiene properties. Its corrosion resistance and surface compactness make it porosity-free, ensuring high bacterial removability during cleaning.
INTEGRA, with its essential and minimalist character, is easy to install, elegant, compact and robust, and is available in different versions.

Ponte Giulio's offer, with its wide choice of grab bars in different shapes and styles, both for the needs of the professional and private market, is probably the most complete and varied available on the market. Today it excels in one more aspect: by bringing 100% recyclable products to the market, it has chosen to care for the planet as well as for its customers.

Ponte Giulio: Earth caring design