”No-touch” liquid soap or sanitiser dispenser

“No-touch” liquid soap or sanitiser dispenser. Made of AISI-304 stainless steel with satin finish, equipped with a removable tank with maximum 1 litre capacity. Equipped with a LED to indicate the operating conditions.

• Battery-powered with 6 batteries, type AA 1.5 V, alkaline, 2.85 Ah, LR6, not included
• Equipped with removable tank
• Body in stainless steel with finished edges
• Equipped with burglar-proof key
• Can be activated without touching the product from a distance of 1 to 8 centimetres

CE marking


Additional information Maximum capacity 1 litre of liquid soap or hand sanitiser. Powered by 6 batteries, type AA 1.5 V, Alkaline, 2.85Ah, LR6, not included. For correct use, only liquids - soap, lotion, or sanitiser - must be used with viscosity no higher than 3500 cps, and pH between 5.5 and 8.5
”No-touch” liquid soap or sanitiser dispenser