Built-in “touch-free” electronic spout

Wall-mounted built-in “touch-free” electronic spout with mixing. Fitted with double infrared sensor, solenoid valve, temperature adjustment, adjustable anti-burn protection. Adjustable 12 or 14-hour hygienic rinse function. Powered by battery - 6V lithium - with life up to 4 years.

• Operating pressure: 0.3-10 bar
• Flow rate (approx.): 6 l/min / 1.6 gpm (3 bar)
• Water temperature (max.): 80 °C
• Economical aerator, CASCADE (self-cleaning)
• Incorporated filters (0.3 mm mesh)
• Automatic sensor adaptation technology
• Follow-up time: 1 s default (adjustable 0-10 s)
• Continuous water flow and hygienic rinse time: 2 min default (adjustable 0.5-20 min)
• Technical standards: DIN EN 200; noise category I; CE

CE marking


Brass Polished
Additional information The item is also available with longer spouts - 152 and 202 millimetres.
The specific kit is required for installation, to be purchased separately because it is not included with the product
Built-in “touch-free” electronic spout