Design with Safety

Healtcare solutions

The care of the elderly and those not able to be self-sufficient is of paramount importance, particularly in an ageing population such as the UK. Hospitals, care workers and care homes have an important role to play in caring for those with mobility issues, but it is also important to consider the part inclusive design plays in enabling a more independent and safe use of the bathroom. In environments such as airports, railway stations, theatres, universities, schools, offices, bars and restaurants that are regularly frequented by a variety of people of different ages and capabilities, it is important to consider how visitors will navigate the bathroom space. Items that are durable and offer easy installation and maintenance are usually preferred. For these professional ambiances Ponte Giulio offers a complete programme of grab rails, accessories, sanitaryware and accessories to complement.

Grab bars

Helping means to assist in the daily use of the bathroom.

Seats and benches

Useful helps to wash hands and face, to take a shower or a bath.


Essential for all kinds of stylish bathroom environments


Essential accessories including finishing touches.