Draw Fold down shower seat G27JDS43

Fold down shower seat

Urban People® Fold down shower seat, ABS seat and AISI 304 frame. This seat is slightly wider than average seats and has a flatter design as to fold up against the wall and protrude only 70mm. A small water outlet hole is in the centre of the seat which prevents water filling the seat area. The concealed fixing of the seat is an advantage over other makes as no screws are visible.
Mark CE  TÜV Type Tested  Antimicrobial protection  Recyclable    
Materials ABS, Stainless steel
  • Grey


  • Dark grey


  • Ivory


  • White


CodeDimensions Width, Height, Depth (inch) Net Weight (lbs)Load capacity (lbs)
G27JDS4316 5/16x16 3/4x4 1/87.2330.7
The seat is manufactured from ABS and available in a range colours. No fixing screws are supplied with the seats.

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Watch the video to see the functioning of the fold down shower seat