Watch this demonstration video by an home modification specialist.

Ponte Giulio’s Vinyl Coated Contractor grab bars for a safe and designer home

Home For Life Advantage owner demonstrates the installation of a straight grab bar by using the Ponte Giulio’s aids

In this video, Home For Life Advantage owner, Rein Puttkammer, demonstrates the installation of a straight grab bar, using a Ponte Giulio Vinyl Coated Contractor grab bar.

Home For Life Advantage is a professional network that helps upgrade homes and commercial buildings for all. Including, but not subject to, individuals with reduced mobility and limitations. They are the leading provider of ADA accessibility equipment in the Greater Chicago area.

They chose to review Ponte Giulio’s Vinyl Coated Contractor grab bar due to its superior non-slip grip, ease of installation, multiple colors and anti-microbial properties, that assist with infection control.

The vinyl coating on Ponte Giulio Contractor series’ products is anti-microbial thanks to BioCote® Silver Ion technology in the vinyl, which reduces microbes, bacteria and fungi up to 99.9% making our products much more hygienic. A great plus in these days!

But vinyl offers other great advantages too: it is soft and warm to touch and very easy to clean, - just wipe with warm water using a soft cloth and the grab bars are clean - .

We thank Home For Life Advantage who allows people live their lives independently through innovative accessibility and mobility solutions.
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