Watch this demonstration video by a professional Occupational Therapist.

How to Install an Hanging Shower Seat

In this video, Occupational Therapist Lindsay explains how to install the Hanging Shower Seat by Ponte Giulio.

This versatile, functional and beautiful seat is perfect for making any bathroom more accessible.The shower surround has a raised edge threshold so adding Ponte Giulio grab bars completes the safety precautions here.

Ponte Giulio offers this anti-microbial vinyl Removable Hanging Shower Seat - G02JDS01xx - which is 13 wide, 12 ¼” deep, and hangs 12 ¼” below the grab bar and 17 ¾” from wall. It has a 330-pound load capacity, is available in Black, Gray Stone, Dark Gray, Ivory, Biscuit, White, Plum and Light Yellow.

We thank Occupational Therapist (OT) and social media influencer Lindsay DeLong for demonstrating our product’s features and function in her YouTube video. If you would like to see more of Lindsay’s videos, you can find them on YouTube at EquipMeOT.