Watch this demonstration video by a professional Occupational Therapist.

Options for the Locking Support Fold-down Grab Bar

Do you or your client need assistance and support near the toilet? A folding grab bars could be the ideal product for a limited space toilet or bathroom area. Folding grab bars offer excellent support, then fold up and out of the way when they are not needed.

Today we introduce our Stainless-Steel Locking Support Grab Bar, available in two finishes: Satin finish (G56UGS01N1) and Painted White (G06UGS01W2). It is 17 ½” wide, 12” deep, and has a 250-pound vertical load capacity, 450-pound horizontal load capacity. Mount across from toilet and use to pull up or lower down.

For more information see our general catalog page 109

We thank Occupational Therapist (OT) and social media influencer Lindsay DeLong for demonstrating our product’s features and function in her YouTube video. If you would like to see more of Lindsay’s videos, you can find them on YouTube at EquipMeOT.