Becky Wright (Ponte Giulio USA) talks about safety for the bathroom

How an Accessible Bath can Improve Quality of Life and Independence

Becky Wright - Division Manager at Ponte Giulio USA - was guest speaker on “Home Designs For Life PODCAST”, discussing Ponte Giulio products and safety in the bathroom

Becky Wright, Division Manager at Ponte Giulio USA and expert in bathroom safety products for both residential & commercial projects, has spoken on “Home Designs For Life PODCAST”, hosted by OT Janet Engel, the PODCAST topic was safety in the bathroom and Ponte Giulio products.

“Our Company - explains Becky Wright - has been making bathroom safety products for over 40 years. We have really put all of our efforts into designing, manufacturing, engineering beautiful products. Grab bars, for example: when people think of grab bars, they think of that big fat, ugly silver bar that they see in a restaurant. That is part of the reason people are resistant to wanting to put, grab bars in their home and they think “I don't want that big ugly thing in my house”. Ponte Giulio’s grab bars are an inch and a quarter diameter and we offer them in lots of finishes, lots of shapes and in many different colors. The Vinyl Coated products are antibacterial too, protecting against bacteria, fungi and viruses.”

During the Podcast, Becky and Janet talk about multiple options to meet homeowner needs, which so important especially in the shower and bathtub area. Ponte Giulio’s offering of shower seats, shower benches and bathtub benches is extensive. “It is, probably – assures Becky Wright - the greatest selection of these products available anywhere, including different styles, different shapes, different color options, different materials, including wood”.

Also discussed, Ponte Giulio’s accessible sinks, wall hung cabinets, shower enclosures, accessories and shower trays are really designed for the creation of an accessible bathroom.
Listen to the podcast to learn how installation of simple equipment in the bathroom can translate into big changes in quality of life and independence.