Custom and safe grab bar

Create your own unique logo grab bar with Ponte Giulio

Thanks to a special technique the company can create custom grab bars

A Ponte Giulio USA client wanted to decorate his man cave with the logo of the popular Tito’s Handmade Vodka, because the company is owned by one of his friends. He thought custom grab bars would be the perfect touch.

Ponte Giulio was up to the challenge and created custom Prestigio PLUS style grab bars with the Tito’s logo on the grab bars. This logo was produced using high-tech, high-temperature techniques directly on the stainless steel surface and protected by a seal coat that is extremely resistant to wear-and-tear and aggressive cleaning agents. The grab bars have a 450-pound load capacity, are 1 ¼” in diameter and ADA rated.

This technique is based on a dye-infusion is a technically advanced process that allows Ponte Giulio to replicate virtually any finish and print on grab bars.

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The company can create your unique grab bar today.

Custom grab bar for a safe bathroom
Custom and ADA grab bar