Fall Prevention Week

Fall Prevention Week, the perfect time to look around your home and to make it safer

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September 18-24, 2022 is Fall Prevention Week, which is a nationwide effort to raise awareness that falls are preventable. This is a great time to look around your home and the homes of your older loved ones to be sure any fall hazards are removed and help prevent falls in your family.

One in every five falls results in a serious injury such as broken bones and pain. This includes 3 million older adults who are treated at the emergency room and 800,000 admitted to the hospital due to fall related injury every year.

However, falls are not a problem only for older adults, anyone, at any age can fall and seriously injure themselves. Children, teens and young adults can suffer traumatic brain injury, broken bones, cuts and bruises, dental damage and loss of confidence created by a fear of falling again.

Here are some ideas on how you can prevent a fall in your home today:

STAIRSTips for preventing falls on your stairs

  1. Install improved lighting – stairs should have both overhead and step-level lighting.

  2. Hand railings should be on both sides of the stairway. If you already have hand railings, it is a good idea to shake them to be sure they are still firmly mounted.

  3. Repair any broken step and immediately replace any damaged carpeting.

  4. Eliminate the need to go up and down stairs often. Moving the laundry room to the main level of the home should be a priority.

BATHROOM Tips to prevent falls in a wet and slippery area

  1. Install support grab bars in the toilet and shower area. Grab bars are one of the least expensive products that help people stay safe in the bathroom. When grab bars are installed almost everyone will use them, even if they don’t “need” them.

  2. Install a shower seat or bench to provide a resting area.

  3. Install a nightlight or smart motion light to improve vision at night.

  4. Keep the bathroom as clean and clutter free as possible. If you use a bath mat, it should be non-skid.

  5. If a bath remodel is in your future, consider adding a zero-threshold shower entry for better access.

LIVING ROOMS and BEDROOMS Tips to prevent falls in the home

  1. Remove all clutter, wires &extension cords and throw rugs – especially in walking spaces where these items create a tripping hazard.

  2. Provide appropriate seating to allow comfort and easy movement in the home. For example, consider a power lift chair if getting up from a seated position is becoming difficult.

  3. Proper lighting should include overhead and task lighting to improve vision.

  4. Set your bed to the proper height, which is similar to a chair – about 17” to 19” from the floor. Often, beds are higher which can make them difficult to get into and out of.

  5. Follow the Nose to Knees rule. Store frequently used items at heights between your nose and knees, so you don’t have to reach very high or low places to retrieve them.

Prevent falls by reducing hazards in the home. Encourage exercise to improve strength and mobility. Inform doctors of any falls or near falls. Making small changes in your home will help improve safety, eliminate hazards and preserve independence and accessibility. Stay safe all year long and reduce the chance of falling at home by making changes during Fall Prevention Week.
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Fall Prevention Week
Fall Prevention Week
Fall Prevention Week
Fall Prevention Week