Grab bar for a safe bathroom

Combination Grab Bar and Toilet Paper Holder Make a Safe Bath

Today we are pleased to introduce Ponte Giulio’s Combination Grab Bar and Toilet Paper Holders, G18UGS05 and G18UGS06, offering a safe and convenient product for the bathroom. These are an ideal way to install a safety product that is hiding in plain sight.

These units are safe to use, and offer a functional grab bar and toilet paper holder all in one. Made of Stainless Steel, with a 450-pound vertical load capacity, they are capable of withstanding temperature variations and will not rust.

There are two versions offered, the basic Grab Bar & Toilet Paper Holder - G18UGS06 - and the Grab Bar & Toilet Paper Holder with Shelf - G18UGS05 - which can be used to hold an extra roll of toilet paper, a phone, or personal items needed at the toilet.

Available in both satin/brushed and polished/chrome finish, these match our Prestigio PLUS grab bars. The grab bar has a 1 ¼” diameter offering a comfortable grip for any size hand. Install into studs or blocking for a safe and secure mount.

Download the Technical data sheet: G18UGS06, G18UGS05

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: To guarantee stability and safety, the device must be attached with wall plugs and screws suitable for the relevant type of wall. See installation instructions for guidance.