Leaflet neuropathy

Vinyl Coating grab bars the perfect solution for people affected by neuropathy

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Today approximately 20 million Americans are affected by neuropathy which affect nerves in the fingers and hands, making patients very sensitive to touch and temperature.

Conditions that can cause neuropathy are: age, cancer, cancer treatments, diabetes and injury or infections.

Neuropathy makes it feel like the skin is being cut when they touch something cold, which makes it painful to use stainless steel grab bars.

For those people with neuropathy, Ponte Giulio recommends Vinyl Coating grab bars which are more comfortable, being softer to the touch. Their anti-microbial protection also helps protect those who can’t risk getting sick.

Vinyl Coated grab bars, rather than Stainless Steel, can help improve the quality of life for millions of people anywhere they are installed: toilet, shower, patient room, cancer infusion center room, elevator or entryway.