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Ponte Giulio Grab Bars – Not Just for the Bathroom

Grab bars are not just for the bathroom. They can be used throughout the home to assist homeowners in the navigation of entryways and steps, living rooms, kitchens, mud rooms, and garages. Grab Bars placed near steep steps will help everyone visiting the home enter more safely by providing a firm, supportive grip.

The step at the home shown had become steeper over time as the cement sidewalk heaved during cold Wisconsin winters. The heaving caused the sidewalk to become uneven and using the step a safety hazard. Older friends had a difficult time getting up the step. Pouring a new sidewalk was a costly option. The homeowners contacted Ponte Giulio to see if we could help solve the problem.

Our CAPS - Certified Aging in Place Specialist - employee reviewed the entry and recommended installing our Maxima Series grab bars vertically. By installing the grab bar in a vertical position, it can be used by family and friends who are both tall and short, as they steady themselves going both up and down the step. An 18" Grab Bar was installed on each side of the front step. The grab bars were installed by a local construction professional in just minutes and the homeowners are very pleased.

The Maxima Grab Bar, while not designed to be used outside, was a good choice for this project. It has a steel bar inside a vinyl coating that is anti-microbial, the vinyl is warmer and softer to the touch than stainless steel and available in multiple colors. Over time, the vinyl may fade slightly in the bright sunshine and cold winter weather but it will hold up well to the elements. The Ivory Maxima Grab Bars were selected because they match and blend with the brick on the home exterior.