Occupational therapist Maria Lindbergh

The ergonomic hand-shower holder, for a safe and functional shower area

Professional OT Maria Lindbergh reviews this Ponte Giulio accessory

Maria Lindbergh, an occupational therapistand home modification specialist, talking about accessories which help to guarantee safety, functionality and design, introduces thePonte Giulio ergonomich hand-shower holder, “a great solution for washing in every condition”. It is 3 3/4" wide, 4 1/2" deep, 6 1/2" high.

Maria Lindbergh explains that it fits any vertically mounted 1 1/4" diameter grab bar and that it is available in 16 color options. This accessory holds most standard shower sprayers, it can be mounted on every grab bar and can be squeezed up or down, on the bar, to be positioned on the best height.

In the video Maria Lindbergh underlines that with this accessory it is easy to take a shower by sitting and that it allows to have a safe shower because it can be integrated on a grab bar.

In this video, part of her “Toilet Talk” heading, Maria Lindbergh shows also how simple it is to install it.

We thank Occupational Therapist and home modification specialist Maria Lindbergh for demonstrating our product’s features and functions. If you would like to discover more about Maria’s profession go to: stayathomesolutionskc