Maria Lindbergh portrait

Grab Bar or Shower Shelf? Two in one with Ponte Giulio

Professional OT Maria Lindbergh explains this useful Accessory for the Shower Area

Maria Lindbergh, an occupational therapist and home modification specialist, in this video, which is part of her “Toilet Talk” heading, asks if it is possible to have a Grab Bar and a Shower Shelf all in one product. With Ponte Giulio, she underlines, it is indeed possible.

This product is not only a container where to put the shampoo or soap, but it is a real aid, which helps not to fall in the shower and it is a furnishing accessory as well, available in 15 colors.

Another plus that this article offers is that it is soft and warm to the touch, and features antimicrobial properties, which kill the 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and some viruses thanks to the Biocote’s technology.

The design allows, according to Maria Lindbergh, to blend the shower shelf into the wall and, even if it has little dimensions, it is very mighty with a loading capacity of 250 pounds.

It is possible to put it in every location of the Shower, according to the high of the person who will use it either standing or sitting. It is important to install it at the right position: to do so, it is necessary to place the arm at 90 degrees and mount it at that height.

It has an important safety function for every person of the family it doesn’t matter the age!

We thank Occupational Therapist and home modification specialist Maria Lindbergh for demonstrating our product’s features and functions. If you would like to discover more about Maria’s profession go to: stayathomesolutionskc