Maria Lindberg occupational therapist

A multitasking grab bar for your shower

The professional OT Maria Lindbergh reviews Ponte Giulio’s Maxima grab bar and shower self

Maria Lindbergh, an occupational therapist and home modification specialist, has chosen Ponte Giulio to describe how to reach safety and inclusivity in the bathroom. In studying what is necessary to maintain a person’s autonomy in his/her home, she has realized that Ponte Giulio’s solutions are able to make the living of the domestic environment safe and independent regardless of age, physical ability, or income.

After having described a folding grab bar "Folding grab bar to live independently the home", in this video Maria has reviewed an interesting and multitasking grab bar from our Maxima line. The bar Maxima assist grab bar with stainless steel shelf treated with antibacterial technology, is characterized by a stainless steel curved shelf that makes it a safe and useful accessory for the shower area.

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We thank Occupational Therapist and home modification specialist Maria Lindbergh for demonstrating our product’s features and functions. If you would like to discover more about Maria’s profession go to: stayathomesolutionskc