Maria Lindbergh with Ponte Giulio’s Locking Support Grab Bar

Locking Support Grab Bar, the Solution which takes care of Shoulders

Professional OT Maria Lindbergh in this video shows how this article easily helps to stand up and sit down

Maria Lindbergh, an occupational therapist and home modification specialist, in this video, shows how much it could be easy to stand up and sit down thanks to Ponte Giulio locking support grab bar. It can be installed near the toilet or in the shower area.

“A solution - explains Maria Lindbergh - which takes care of your shoulders because by using this handle you’ll not struggle to push yourself up”.

It can be installed horizontally or vertically: installed vertically it has a load capacity of 250 pounds. Installed horizontally it has a load capacity of 450 pounds. It folds up or down when not in use.
It is 17 ½” wide, 12” deep: in this video the grab bar is in white, but it is available even in stainless steel. The Bar folds up or down for storage and locks in place with a pin when using; it can be helpful for caregivers use, place where they need support or bracing. If used in the shower it won’t rust.

“There's no deny - concludes Maria Lindbergh - that there are a lot of places you can put this Locking Support Grab bar, to help you be safe moving around in the bathroom".

We thank Occupational Therapist and home modification specialist Maria Lindbergh for demonstrating our product’s features and functions. If you would like to discover more about Maria’s profession go to: stayathomesolutionskc