Maria Lindbergh, toilet talk

Ponte Giulio’s products, the best solutions to remodel the bathroom

Professional OT Maria Lindbergh shows the changes she made in her home hoping they’ll inspire people

Big changes in Maria Lindbergh’s bathroom, an occupational therapist and home modification specialist, who, in this video, which is part of her “Toilet Talk” online educational program, shows how important it is when someone is planning to remodel the bathroom, to make “the best changes for your unique needs”.

“It is important – she says - to consult with an occupational therapist when someone is planning and remodelling in the bathroom, to be sure to spend money efficiently”.

She hopes that the changes she made in her bathroom will inspire people to do the same.

She starts from the toilet area, and she shows the Ponte Giulio’s Folding and Rotating Grab Bar, which she placed next to the toilet.

“A great article – she says - the vinyl coating feels warm to the touch”. Then she shows, Ponte Giulio’s Maxima Straight Grab Bar with One 90 Degree Fixed Flange, with the Toilet Paper Holder on it and the Locking Support Grab Bar, which provides extra help when sitting or stand up from the toilet”.

Remodelling the bathroom, she made changes on the sink area too, where she placed a Ponte Giulio’s Tilting Mirror, which allows to view oneself even when seated and the Handle-Shaped Grab Bars, which helps to stand up.

At the end of the video Maria talks about the shower area and about the Two Wall Transitional Shower/Tub Grab Bar, by Ponte Giulio, which makes moving in and out of the shower area safer.
“This handle – she underlines - is useful everywhere in the house”.

She introduces too the Folding Grab Bar and the Folding Shower Seat, from the Hug Collection and the L-Shaped Safety Grab Bar, with ergonomic shower holder.
“Last but not least – she ends – I introduce this wonderful Corner Support Grab Bar, which when installed low is the best way to easily wash feet and shave legs”.

We thank Occupational Therapist and home modification specialist Maria Lindbergh for demonstrating our product’s features and functions. If you would like to discover more about Maria’s profession go to: ToiletTalk