U-Shaped Grab Bar for a safe home

Many places where to use Ponte Giulio’s Maxima U-Shaped Grab Bar

Professional OT Maria Lindbergh explains that they are functional in every part of the bathroom

Maria Lindbergh, an occupational therapist and home modification specialist, in this video, which is part of her “Toilet Talk” heading, shows many different places where to install Ponte Giulio’s Maxima Rounded Grab Bars,
“a great option – she says - for the toilet area and the shower. They offer additional protection because they are antibacterial”.

“They may be installed – underlines Maria Lindbergh – with the U- Shape either up or down. Up it makes an excellent handle, down it makes a great foot rest. They are available in multiple color options, so they can be match with any type of furniture (Blue, Light Blue, Black, Grey Stone, Dark Gray, Green, Light Green, Ivory, Biscuit, Prune, Vivid Red, Ruby Red, White, Yellow Sun, Light Yellow) ”.

They are about 8” wide, 10” high, 4 ¾” deep and they have a 330-pound load capacity.
They fit any small space, as Maria Lindbergh shows in the video, they can be installed indoors or outdoors and they are warm and soft to the touch, so in winter they don’t freeze the hands and in summer they do not became hot.

At the end of the video Maria Lindbergh shows they can be very useful near the steps, thanks to their superior non-slip grip and they can even become a great handle to open a metal shop or a garage.

We thank Occupational Therapist and home modification specialist Maria Lindbergh for demonstrating our product’s features and functions. If you would like to discover more about Maria’s profession go to: stayathomesolutionskc