Ponte Giulio: We help families create safe spaces in their home

Our company is happy to contribute to a great cause in the United States.

We chose to donate bathroom safety and convenience products to local non-profit
organizations which focus on home accessibility modifications.

We can’t find a better leader in this project than Ronald
L. Mace Universal Design Institute
; An organization dedicated to promoting
cultivating the concept and practice of accessible and universal design. The
Institute's work manifests the belief that all new environments and products,
to the greatest extent possible, should and can be usable by everyone regardless
of age, ability, or circumstance. A thought which perfectly reflects Ponte Giulio’s
company philosophy.

Universal Design Institute
was able to connect Ponte Giulio with non-profit
organizations that are always in need of accessibility products to better serve
their low income clients with the limited funding that is available. To name
a few additional factors that have made this year particularly challenging:
Hurricane Harvey impacts in Texas and hurricane Irma impacts in Florida and

The Institute has been able to provide a number of non-profit organizations
in four states with limited funding and guidance to create the safest and most
accessible spaces for those in need. THE Institute ALSO
works with A NUMBER OF different organizations across the United States,
providing them with invaluable information and resources regarding Universal
Design and accessibility.

“With the number of elderly people in the population rising over recent
years – explains Ponte Giulio - people's needs are changing and so is their
way of living, particularly in the home. Many elderly people have to consider
mobility and how they will get around their home, and some also have to manage
how they live with an illness. The same is true for people with disabilities.
Our aim is to eliminate barriers and make life easier for everybody, no matter
what their age or capability. We have been investing for years in modern projects,
making solutions available to make private bathrooms safe and functional. Increasingly,
people are looking for products that aid mobility in the bathroom and we aims
to create and supply innovative systems to meet the demand”.

Ponte Giulio’s product offerings include: grab
, shower
and tub seats
, sinks
and accessories.

“Ponte Giulio products make a house a home. The ability to provide comfort
and safety in a home is a priceless gift.”

Safe and accessible bathrooms