Omnia by Ponte Giulio at Cersaie 2022

Great success for Ponte Giulio at Cersaie 2022

Foreign visitors loved the new OMNIA collection

The 2022 Cersaie in Bologna, Italy was a great success, with a record number of people visiting the Ponte Giulio exhibit and lots of interest for the products exhibited.

Arousing particular interest, especially among foreign visitors, was the new OMNIA bathroom system, which combines safety, aesthetics and technology, created in collaboration with Olympia Ceramica and designer Daniele Trebbi.

"It is - explains Trebbi – a complete and versatile collection for a pleasant and safe bathroom environment, where daily self-care actions are carried out naturally and easily.”

Consisting of variously accessorized safety bars, shower seats, storage cabinets, washbasins, toilets, and mirrors with integrated air sanitizing and help-demand systems, OMNIA allows people to design each area of the bathroom according to their needs, with innovative and functional solutions, making the bathroom beautiful as well as safe.

This 39th Cersaie exhibit, also confirmed the great appreciation of retailers and designers for the entire Ponte Giulio portfolio including:

  1. The stainless-steel shower solutions and the SOLO shower column, unique for its ability to guarantee safety and durability, being both a shower system and safety product at the same time.

  2. Solutions for hotel bathrooms, which were enriched with new made-to-measure products in acrylic stone and new totally customizable accessories.

  3. The HUG collection with its innovative and elegant colors and shapes.

  4. The children's bathroom products – sized specifically for children.

  5. Furnishing solutions for the home, hotels, schools and childcares, that can be adapted to the various stages of life, over time.

OMNIA definitely won over our visitors, says Ponte Giulio USA President, David Dowd. The response was beyond our expectations and the feedback from the public confirmed our thoughts and ideas. Inclusive bathroom spaces, equipped with innovative and non-institutional looking products is the future. A bathroom for all, not only at home, but anywhere. Ponte Giulio is a key innovator in this field and not only we have reimagined and styled these products and accessories, but we have gone beyond that, by partnering with Olympia Ceramica for the creation of sanitary ware that match the style and finishes of the accessories and vice versa, and the inclusion of a system to purify the air and the Help-System. We are proud of these innovations and we thank the visitors at our exhibit for their appreciation and support.

For Ponte Giulio, says Managing Director, Enrico Carloni, September is synonymous with Cersaie, an important reference event for our business sector. For one week, we left behind the uncertainties of the current period and brought to the fair the desire and passion that has distinguished us for over 50 years, and that leads us to create bathroom projects that combine design and elegance with safety and accessibility. In recent years, we have begun to translate our idea of a safe and elegant bathroom with a "design-for-all" proposal, developed thanks to the close and continuous sharing of ideas between our sales network, specialized distributors, visitors to the different fairs, and finally by treasuring the suggestions collected from private individuals, who contact our office. Cersaie confirmed to us that we are going in the right direction, moving away from pure functional to get closer to functional furniture. I want to thank for the success obtained at the fair, designer Daniele Trebbi, Olympia Ceramica, our team and artisans, who are the heart of the company, dealers, technicians ... all because without you, “haec OMNIA”, meaning “all this” in Latin, would not have been possible.