Inclusive bath

Aging in place is possible thanks to products that guarantee safety and functionality of spaces 

Grab bars, grab rails, shower seats make the home suitable for all ages

If you ask a group of elderly people where they would live, almost all of them will answer at home. A familiar place that makes them feel at ease and safe. On this last point, however, it should be specified that a home is not always a truly safe place and, unfortunately, many elderly people do not realize this and fail to understand the changes needed to make the environment safe.

Construction works that, sometimes, are simples: with the installation of some articles and small changes the houses become places suitable for all ages.

To realize an inclusive home, during the building it is necessary to remember that the walls must be reinforced to allow the addition of aids, the doors must be 36" or wider, to allow the passage of a wheelchair, and rooms must have good lighting, because light has a great importance for movements and for people's mood.

When spaces are already in place, grab bars are an easy first step toward aging in place, because anyone - young or old - can fall in the house. A grab bar is sort of like a "seat belt" designed to keep everyone safe. Having grab bars in a home doesn't mean the residents are "old," it means they want to have a safe home for themselves and their guests. It is a true safety product that meets or exceeds the 250-pound load capacity required by ADA guidelines. It is also the most affordable safety product that everyone should have in their home.

A straight grab bar can be used in the shower, next to the toilet, as a towel rack and in entrances to the home. Lengths range from 12" to 48" and can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally (Transition Two Wall Grab Bar). Rails come in many shapes and sizes, they can wrap around corners as well or even be very small, up to 7" x 7" (Small L-Shape).

Not just grab bars for safe bathing, but shower seats too, including removable ones  (Removable Hanging Shower Seat) that hang from aids and can be easily removed. All without sacrificing elegance: there are shower seats able to make the shower look like a spa, such as the  BELLA Faux Weathered Seat.

When in doubt about where to place bars, there are CAPS professionals or occupational therapists who can do a home safety assessment and make recommendations on products and placement. OTs help homeowners make smart changes to their homes.
These products are decorative, designer elements too. Have a look to Ponte Giulio vertical bar Prestigio PLUS, accessorized with HUG baskets. You’ll realize how much a proactive article can ensure functionality, design and beauty.