Hygienic and with high bacterial removal: stainless steel.

Ponte Giulio uses this material for many products, especially for its grab bars

In these days when there is a lot of talk about hygiene and antibacterial properties, we want to introduce an extremely hygienic material, which is easy to clean using any substance: stainless steel.
It is not only resistant to corrosion, but it is also easy to polish and sanitize. Stainless steel guarantees a certain inertia towards the substances with which it comes into contact. These hygiene properties are also the result of its high resistance to corrosion, the compactness of the surface that makes it free of pores and, last but not least, the high bacterial removability that is guaranteed throughout the life of the product.
This material does not require any coating, which could be damaged with cracks or chipping that can become a receptacle for germs and dirt. Stainless steel does not alter itself.
Finally, it should be stressed that it can be cleaned with any detergent, solvent, sanitizer, disinfectant, capable of removing deposits and dirt. It is therefore possible to clean it with what is deemed most appropriate, with rinses even at 100° C.
For all these reasons, Ponte Giulio has chosen stainless steel to make grab bars, shower columns, accessories and items for high traffic public environments, which, in particular, require products that are easy to clean and have a high bacterial removability.
Today we talk about grab bars, which combine this indestructible material with a classic or more design shape, allowing its use in any environment and easy combination with many different types of furniture.
These bars are also very suitable for home furnishings. in addition to the bar, which is easy to clean, the screws are covered by a flange cover that also allows quick and easy cleaning.
For those who do not like the polished version, we also offer the satin option. Each component is made exclusively in AISI304 stainless steel, in order to guarantee long life, reduced maintenance and practical cleaning operations.

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Ponte Giulio: our mission, safe items also from the hygienic point of view.

polish stainless steel grab bar
satin stainless steel grab bar