vinyl-coated grab bars

Vinyl-Coated Grab Bars are Ponte Giulio’s Style Icons

The Best Solution for Residential and Commercial Environments: Anti-microbial protection, Warm-to-touch, Colorful and Safe

"Fashion fades, only style stays the same" Coco Chanel said.

Thanks to their amazing benefits and style, Ponte Giulio's vinyl-coated grab bars have become one of the signature products of the company.

Vinyl-coated grab bars were among the first products to be introduced to the bathroom safety market by Ponte Giulio and they represent, even today, the centerpiece of its offerings. These grab bars allow true customization in the bathroom space and, thanks to a wide range of colors to choose from, they can coordinate with any decorative style of the home. Color options also allow the vinyl-coated grab bars to contrast the color of the wall allowing individuals with low vision to more easily locate the grab bars. The vinyl is also softer and warmer to the touch which is advantageous since those with sensitive skin are more likely to use the grab bar. Color and warmth are two key aspects that are particularly appreciated by the most vulnerable users.

These benefits can be achieved thanks to the use of VINYL, a unique and versatile material. Vinyl is impermeable to liquids, gases and vapors, it is stable and inert, biocompatible, durable and safe, being resistant to fire and chemical agents, it is non-slip for a superior grip, it has low environmental impact and above all, it is anti-microbial, a very important plus, especially during the current pandemic but also in any environment that is concerned with infection control. The anti-microbial technology is provided by BioCote which adds permanent silver ions to our vinyl allowing for a lifetime of protection. These grab bars are excellent not only for residential environments, but also for senior living, healthcare and commercial use, thanks to BioCote's anti-microbial feature that is guaranteed for the products’ lifetime.

In a historical period when people need to feel safe, first of all in their own home, and need some more color in their life, vinyl-coated grab bars are the best choice to ensure bathroom safety and design. As painter Wassily Kandinsky said:

"Color is a power that directly influences the soul"

Ponte Giulio's vinyl-coated grab bars improve the home environment and therefore the mood of those who live in there.

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