monkey hanging on a grab bar

Why install grab bars?

Grab bars are a form of insurance - against the worst-case scenario of falling and being injured in the bathroom. Anyone, young or old can fall in the bathroom. It is a wet, slippery area with many sharp, hard, built-in objects that can severely injure someone in a fall. Each year, thousands of people fall in the bathroom and injure themselves resulting in trips to the doctor, hospitalizations, stays recovering in a nursing home or even death from a bathroom fall are not uncommon.
A bathroom fall can result in a number of injuries such as: broken bones, brain injury, damaged teeth, back or spine injury, stitches, long-term pain, future fear, and financial loss. Any of these can devastate a family.

Tips concerning the use of Grab bar in all bathrooms:

1. Grab bars are the most economical bathroom safety product - a very small investment against potential injury.

2. Every bathroom should have grab bars to protect the family and their guests.

3. Anyone, young or old, can fall in the bathroom – no matter what age 5, 15, 35, or 65 – a fall can cause serious injury.

4. Grab bars are the “seat belt” of the bathroom – designed to keep you safe if you should ever need it.

5. Grab bars do not need to look institutional – there are many stylish options.

6. The “best” grab bar is the one properly installed and available should someone need it today.

7. Install grab bars near the toilet. They are a great help to older or disabled guests. Helpful for anyone recovering from an injury or someone who has trouble getting up due to a sore knee.

8. Install a vertical grab bar at the entry to the shower or bathtub area – it can be very slippery and everyone is likely to use a grab bar in this location if it is provided.

9. Add grab bars to the inside of the shower or bathtub area. Horizontal grab bars can also be used hold a washcloth or loofah.

10. Grab bars are great for young children as they transition from bath to shower. Holding the grab bar and leaning back into the shower water allows them to rinse their hair easier.

11. Vertically installed shower grab bars can serve as a “shower slide” that hold a hand-held shower head. The grab bar will be hiding in plain sight and offer a solid support should one be needed.

12. Grab bars can be installed near the sink as a towel bar. A fall in this area can be very dangerous with hard countertops close by.

13. If space is tight, a folding grab bar might be a great option. It can be used by the family and guests that need it and folded up and out of the way when not needed.

14. When a remodel or new construction has walls opened, blocking should be added, which will make future additions of bathroom safety products, like folding shower seats, much easier. This can save a lot of money down the road – install blocking today.

15. Bathroom safety products increase the value of a home by appealing to families of all types when you decide to sell your home.

16. The installation of grab bars is helping insure people will be much safer their bathroom for years to come.

17. There are beautiful grab bars that will compliment any décor – and they don’t need to look institutional.

18. Even if the homeowner doesn’t need grab bars now, many guests in their home could use the extra support and security.