Bella shower folding seat

Ciao Bella!

Wider than a first class airplane seat and very comfortable!

The BELLA folding shower seat in wood brings a beautiful spa-like aesthetic to every bathroom. The frame and mounting flange are stainless-steel for strength and durability, have been designed to eliminate finger pinch-point and have a lifetime warranty. The water resistant Okoume wood looks like teak and is guaranteed for at least 2 years in a wet shower environment.

The seat is a very comfortable 20" wide and will support 600 pounds. Ideal seat for installing in existing bathrooms with mounting flanges that are 16" on center to line up with standard studs.

Bella teak wood
Bella HPL

G56UHS13N1 - Bella Spa Teak wood

G56UHS12 - Bella Faux Weathered Teak (HPL)

Looks like real wood but without any of the maintenance! The BELLA HPL Shower Seat is designed to last a lifetime. Both frame and mounting flange are stainless-steel and the HPL (High Pressure Laminate seat and back are guaranteed to last a lifetime. This seat is 20" wide for true comfort in the shower and will support 450 pounds. Easily add to existing bathrooms with mounting flange that is 16" on center.


We can give you 15 reasons!

  1. A folding shower seat is ideal for anyone wishing to relax in the shower or sit while shaving their legs.

  2. Folding shower seats take up less space than a built-in seat and make the shower feel larger.

  3. Being able to sit in the shower is a huge help to anyone recovering from a temporary injury or illness.

  4. A permanent seat is a great assistance for anyone who can not stand for long periods of time or for those with a disability that requires they sit in the shower.

  5. It is smart to install a folding shower seat during a remodel when blocking can be easily added to the walls allowing installation anywhere. Folding shower seats should always be mounted into studs or blocking for safety.

  6. Folding shower seats are easy to clean and dry well in a shower when folded up.

  7. Adding a folding shower seat is like a seatbelt – when you need it, you will be glad it is there!

  8. Improve the resale value of your home by making it appeal to families of all ages and abilities.

  9. A folding shower seat will make it easier if an aging parent ever needs to live in the home.

  10. The BELLA seats work great for a new construction or a remodel – mounting flanges are 16" on center.

  11. Sturdy, durable stainless-steel frame will support 600 pounds (wood) or 450 pound (HPL).

  12. The frame and mounting system on the BELLA seats have no finger pinch-points.

  13. Ponte Giulio offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY – we stand behind our products.

  14. There is nothing better than sitting in a warm shower and relaxing. It is like a SPA at home.

  15. Improve Your Comfort in the shower with a high-quality shower seat from Ponte Giulio.

BELLA Faux Weathered Teak Folding Shower Seat, HPL
BELLA Faux Weathered Teak Folding Shower Seat, HPL
BELLA Spa Teak Folding Shower Seat, Wood
BELLA Spa Teak Folding Shower Seat, Wood