Folding grab bar

Ponte Giulio folding grab bars are the ideal product for a limited space toilet or bathroom area.

Used in homes and also senior residences, folding grab bars offer excellent support, then fold up and out of the way when they are not needed. Our folding grab bars are designed with the highest quality.

Folding grab bar

A folding support is an aid for all those who have limited mobility; it increases safety in every area of the bathroom both near the washbasin and next to a toilet bowl and even in a shower.

The shape of most of the handles, round with a 32 mm dimeter, offers an optimal symmetrical grip for both getting up and sitting down. There are accessories that improve its use, such as a roll holder or a soft armrest.

A wide range of proposals both for the type of materials used and for shapes allows the ideal matching with the furniture and other bathroom accessories.

Versions are available for installation on a pillar or equipped with floor support on the end projecting from the wall to ensure maximum load capacity at all times. A variety of lengths are proposed in order to meet the specific requirements of each construction regulation.

Some models are made with vinyl that offers a pleasant effect of softness and warm touch, moreover they are protected against the proliferation of bacteria thanks to the use of "biocote" technology.

Folding Grab Bars

Safe bathroom environments without space restrictions

Folding & Rotating Grab Bars

Safety and elegance the combination of these folding and rotating grab bars.

Folding grab bar on floor pedestal