Legal Information

Company data

Ponte Giulio S.p.A.
Località Ponte Giulio
05019 Orvieto (TR) - Italy
Tel.  (+39) 0763 316044 
Fax  (+39) 0763 316043

Administrative centre, industrial premises and offices:
Località Ponte Giulio - I-05019 Orvieto (TR)
Fiscal code and Tax number: 00095780557
Capital stock: € 2.000.000,00 fully paid
Registration. A.E.E. N°: IT08020000000429

General information

Ponte Giulio S.p.A. (formerly named “Ponte Giulio”) launched the current websites  ",,,," (formerly named “the site” or “the sites”) (© Ponte Giulio 2011), with the aim of involving all visitors in our  product development  and services.  The conditions illustrated here (formerly called “Legal notes” include all the regulations concerning  access to Ponte Giulio S.p.A  website content.

The current regulations are valid for all visitors (“User” or “Users”) to the site and especially for those who are registered using the forms provided. Before using the site, the user must carefully read all the Legal Notes, comply,  respect and accept them all.

Intellectual property

The site is the property of Ponte Giulio. All rights reserved. The user accepts that Ponte Giulio is the exclusive proprietor (intellectual and industrial) of the site content and uses this content according to the limits stated in these Legal Notes.

 All the photos, texts, messages, banners, videos, animation and data, including the graphics and content layout are owned by Ponte Giulio. It is absolutely forbidden to reproduce, copy or modify them without specific written authorisation from Ponte Giulio. 

The content of the site can be printed or reproduced either on paper or on electronic media provided it is used for strictly personal reasons or for marketing Ponte Giulio products (in this case authorization is required).

All distribution, publication, printing, transmission, transfer or  modification of site content must be previously authorised by Ponte Giulio. 

Use of site content without respecting the regulations as described in the previous paragraph and without written authorisation from Ponte Giulio is a crime according to Article 171 of law  633/1941 or article 473 of the penal code.

Ponte Giulio®, BagnoCucciolo®, BagnoSicuro®, Birdo®, TuboColor hc®, Bagno D'Hotel®, Midioplan®.

Ponte Giulio S.p.A. is the owner and possesses the rights to use the following registered brand names:

Registered brand names of third parties (used by Ponte Giulio with the authorisation of the owners, as an indication of products or services proposed by Ponte Giulio) are or may be present in the future within the site. The use of these brand names without written authorisation from the legitimate owners is a crime of forgery, punished according to Art. of the law  633/1941 or Art. 473 of the penal code.

Registration of data

The user may have to register in order to access certain areas of the site,  and give some data concerning themselves or the company for which they work. It is the user’s responsibility to supply up to date, true and complete information. The data will be treated by Ponte Giulio as the privacy information states on the website.  The user is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of data he/she gives to the site e.g. user name (own email) and password, that cannot be submitted or used by third parties.  

Ponte Giulio must be informed immediately of any loss, theft or non authorized use. Ponte Giulio will not be held responsible for any non- authorized website access due to loss of  account details.  

Information about the products  

The website is a presentation of the range of products and services that Ponte Giulio produces and markets in Italy and abroad, in countries where the company is present or will be in the future.  Ponte Giulio can be contacted on telephone number

+39 (0) 763 316 044 (from Italy) and  1.877.766.8301 (International) for USA, Canada and Mexico markets for any information concerning prices, availability and technical specifications of the  products in the presentation.   

Ponte Giulio reserves  the right to modify,  all or in part, the website content  without prior warning.  

The technical characteristics and measurements of the individual products may vary depending on the country in which they will be marketed. The unique characteristics  are considered actual and absolute at the moment of purchase.   

Due to technical limits, the colours of the products on the website may vary, sometimes substantially and should therefore  be considered purely as a guide. Ponte Giulio and its staff, sales representatives and agents will not be held liable for the lack of information, understanding, updates or accuracy of the site.      


The prices indicated are on the price list in force, exclusive of VAT.

Sales network

Ponte Giulio’s  sales network is widespread both in Italy and in many countries abroad.  Independent salesmen work by themselves and Ponte Giulio will not be held responsible for their work or any information of contrasting indications that they supply.  

Personal data and privacy

Users can consult some sections of this site, or even register, without revealing their own identity or providing any information of personal nature. If the user would like to access other services within the site however, he/she will have to provide some personal data while filling in the form provided , according to Art. 13 of the 196/03 law, and also agree to the mentioned conditions.  This data will be collected by Ponte Giulio S.p.A - Ponte Giulio – 05019 – Orvieto – TR – (Italy), the owner of the treatment, and treated directly or rather through salesmen, agents, companies that elaborate data, or mail marketing companies,  according to the terms indicated.

The user may freely subscribe or unsubscribe to the Ponte Giulio Newsletter at any moment, by following the instructions in the video, by contacting Ponte Giulio  S.p.A.  – Loc. Ponte Giulio – 05019 – Orvieto – TR – (Italy) or by telephoning (at the user’s expense)  +39 (0) 763 316044.  Registered users can exercise their rights according to  Articles  7and 8 of laws 196/2003,  by sending an email to,  or by telephoning (at user’s expense)  +39 (0) 763 316044.

Hypertext links

In order to create a hypertext link to the Ponte Giulio website, our written authorisation is needed. Ponte Giulio will not be held responsible for the products and services  of the sites that contain a link to our site. 

The Ponte Giulio website can provide links to other websites, for purely informative and/or commercial reasons,  for which it has no control, and cannot be held responsible for damage (direct or indirect) resulting from the use, consultation of a hypertext link or services reached through such links.

Limits of responsibility

The user uses the site at his/her own risk. Ponte Giulio and its associate companies, employees, agents and salesmen cannot be held responsible for damage (direct or indirect) resulting from  the use of this site or any of the sites to which it is connected. Moreover, Ponte Giulio will not be held responsible for any damage to the user or to his/her property after accessing the site,  the inability to access the site, or download material from this site or from any of the sites where allowed and to which it is connected,  including damage to the user’s electronic equipment caused by a virus.

Ponte Giulio does not guarantee that the site works and/or services work without interruptions or errors in all possible combinations of usage and, in particular, in relation to and/or in connection with incorrect content, incomplete content, wrong content, loss of data, delays, malfunctioning, suspension or interruptions of connection to the site, for any reason .

While the content should be accurate, complete and up to date, Ponte Giulio will not be held responsible  for  any information that is incomplete or contains  errors of any nature.   

The information about the products and their characteristics are always provided by way of example. 

Ponte Giulio reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the services within the site used by the users,  temporarily or definitively, at any moment or without prior warning.  

Ponte Giulio reserves the right to interrupt the services for an individual user, definitively or without prior warning, in the following cases:

- The user has not provided up to date, complete, true and correct personal data.

- Using  or having used services in an illegal way or a way which is incompatible with the nature of the services provided e.g. transmission and/or exchange of viruses, sending or spreading publicity, chain mail or pyramid schemes, spamming or junk mail, sending   and/or  spreading illicit, racist, slanderous or threatening, vulgar or obscene material)

- Violates or has violated the Legal Notes or terms and Website user conditions.

Applicable Laws and Tribunal

The current Legal notes are regulated by the Italian law and must be exclusively interpreted based on these. Any controversy or interpretation within these Legal Notes, including those concerning its validity, implementation and resolution will be the exclusive competence of the Court of Terni. 


Ponte Giulio reserves the right to modify the Legal Notes by updating this website without prior warning or other formalities. The user  accepts that if a part of the current Legal Notes should be inapplicable, the remaining part will still be valid and applicable. The user accepts that he/she is bound to potential modifications and should regularly consult this on line document to see the Legal Notes in force.