Inclusive Design

Wellbeing solutions

As the ageing population grows, so too does the requirement for a change in bathroom furnishings. In today’s world, it is advisable to have an ‘inclusive’ approach to bathroom design in order to make those previously marginalised able to fully enjoy the bathroom space.

At Ponte Giulio, inclusive design is at the heart of everything we do and we continually seek to develop new products that will satisfy the requirements of wider groups of the population and remain sustainable and functional for generations to come. Our mission is to create products that ensure safe, barrier free bathrooms. Our ‘safe bathroom program’ offers a wide range of products such as grab rails, seats, accessories, walk-in bathtubs with doors and specialist sanitaryware, which offer a complete furnishing solution suitable for everyone, regardless of age or mobility.

Grab Rails

Helping means to assist in the daily use of the bathroom.

Seats and stools

Useful helps to wash hands and face, to take a shower or a bath.


Essential for all kinds of stylish bathroom environments

Mirrors and lighting

Accessories that embellish and furnish every bathroom.

Bath accessories

Essential accessories including finishing touches.

Taps and Mixers

Functional, reliable, hygienic.

Kit collections (Doc-M)

A complete composable solution solution.

Spare parts

All the components needed for maintenance of our products.