Children bathroom

Specific products addressed to children environments.

Looking after a child is always a task requiring constant care and attention no matter what the environment. Nurturing and educating a child is important in all cultures, as is providing an engaging atmosphere for them to learn. Personal care and hygiene is an important part of this, which is why here at Ponte Giulio we have created a range of items to educate children and encourage a good personal hygiene routine, using fun and creative products. Our range of solutions for children comes in bright colours and use characters and animals combined with shapes to encourage imagination and a positive bathroom experience from a young age. Our furnishing system combines the need for functionality with the desire for an exciting aesthetic which is ideal for use in schools, nurseries as well as for children’s areas in public spaces such as restaurants, pubs and malls.


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Mirrors and lighting

Accessories that embellish and furnish every bathroom.

Bath accessories

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Taps and Mixers

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