Articles in acrylic stone for whatever bathroom, public or private.

Ponte Giulio’s Midioplan Collection is a complete programme made up of consoles, wash basins, shower trays and bathroom accessories offering standard or customised solutions.

The Midioplan products are created in acrylic stone and have been developed to combine aesthetic design with an excellent functional performance and convenience.

In the Midioplan Colletion the raw material is key and gives the collection the flexibility to adapt its shape, colour and style in accordance with varying client needs.


Essential for all kinds of stylish bathroom environments

Articles for the community

Products specially designed for areas used by a large and varied flow of people

Shower trays, cabins and accessories

Products creating a safe shower environment in all areas.

Mirrors and lighting

Accessories that embellish and furnish every bathroom.

Bath accessories

Essential accessories including finishing touches.

Spare parts

All the components needed for maintenance of our products.