Designer Basin with integral hand pull

Family Designer basin with integral hand pull, manufactured from acrylic stone with a slightly deep basin bowl and incorporating a slight curve ant the front. This basin is multi-functional and suitable for all the family. Another stylish version of the basin which is slightly larger but has as stainless steel surround incorporating a towel rail. The stainless steel surround can also be powdered coated in several colours or kept as polished stainless steel, which ever you choose to complement the bathroom design. Again the surround is also used to assist a wheelchair user to pull nearer the basin
CE marking  Recyclable    
Materials Steel, Acrilic stone
  • Chrome


  • Oxyde Grey


  • Warm white


CodeAxBxC (mm) Weight (kg)Vertical load (kg)

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The acrylic stone is a non-absorbent, non-porous solid surface composite material, does not discolour when exposed to direct sunlight, the colours remain unchanged in the years.