A modern and safe bathroom with Ponte Giulio

Ponte Giulio offer bathroom safety solutions for both newly built and refurbished homes

Ponte Giulio offer solutions and products suitable for those who are looking to refurbish a property or buy a newly built home and wish to make their bathroom a functional, elegant and innovative place.

Ponte Giulio believes that safety in the bathroom does not have to interfere with style and decor. This is why the leading Italian design company has been developing products that in addition to providing a functional aid to those with motion difficulties, add a unique and elegant touch to the bathroom space.

One of the company's most sought after ranges is the Prestigio+ range, made up of grab rails that are elegant, compact and robust. Importantly, they comply with the most stringent regulations and are manufactured using top quality raw materials.

The acrylic stone basins and shower trays are classic features that provide a safe and elegant bathroom and are adaptable to suit any bathroom environment. Crucially, they also provide a safe and easy way to access the shower area.

The sleekly designed collection of shower trays is ergonomic and easy to use. They're also ideal for public spaces as they require only basic maintenance and allow for rapid cleaning. They're the perfect way to refresh your existing bathroom as a Ponte Giulio acrylic stone basin or tray can be fitted very easily and with minimum disruption to bathroom use.

Acrylic stone combines aesthetically pleasing features with functionality and practicality. This is all made possible by the production process used to develop the products. The process incorporates the use of high-tech machinery and manual operation, leaving a unique product that's full of much loved Ponte Giulio character.

Ponte Giulio-a new lease of life for your bathroom. To speak to one of our experts about your bathroom requirements please contact us today.