Enjoy a safe, five star bathroom thanks to leading inclusive product designers Ponte Giulio

Grab rails, seats and accessories suitable for every age and ability

With the demand for carers in the UK soaring, and the average age of residents rapidly on the rise, Ponte Giulio has seen requests for inclusive design products and solutions soar. Items that enable anyone, regardless of capability or age, to comfortably and safely use the bathroom are highly desirable as both homeowners and businesses attempt cater for every user.

Leading Italian designer Ponte Giulio has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of such products, with more than 30 years of industry knowledge behind them. Often, bathrooms within the home can have space restrictions, and naturally, surfaces can become slippery and unsafe, particularly for the elderly and vulnerable. Ponte Giulio's grab rails, seats and accessories are designed and manufactured to combine aesthetics, functionality and safety and allow a better use of the bathroom environment.

'Ponte Giulio has been closely monitoring the market trends and societal changes in recent years in order to ensure they remain at the forefront of the inclusive design industry' says Marco Ragno, head of Ponte Giulio in the UK.

The aging population in the UK means the number of people living with mobility issues has increased, and as such, the need for products to overcome the obstacles faced by those daily who are not as mobile has multiplied. Avoiding accidents in the home is important, and not only are Ponte Giulio's products designed with safety in mind; they also offer a sleek and aesthetically pleasing solution.'

Just some of the products offered by the Italian manufacturer include customizable grab rails and seats in a variety of colours which can safely be installed next to WC facilities, washbasins and showers without compromising the bathroom's interiors.

For those who enjoy the pleasure of using a bathtub, Ponte Giulio offers side opening bathtubs combining easy access with comfort. For those who suffer with mobility issues, simple actions many of us take for granted such as entering a bathtub can be challenging, but with the right fixtures and safety solutions, anyone with any level of mobility can still enjoy using their bathroom.

Marco continues 'Designing and manufacturing safe and comfortable products is of paramount importance to the team at Ponte Giulio and we have been doing so for many years. We believe that being able to move freely and comfortably in a bathroom environment is essential to build an easier and more pleasant experience no matter what your age.'

If you require assistance with creating a safe bathroom environment, contact your inclusive bathroom design experts today!