Life expectancy sees more people living with chronic diseases and mobility limitations

Ponte Giulio - helping you ensure your bathroom meets safety requirements

Life expectancy is increasing and subsequently the number of people living with illness and mobility issues has also increased.

As creators of safety solutions, our team of inclusive design experts is determined to continue to provide a safe bathroom space to help users be as self-sufficient as possible. Our experts provide solutions through specially-designed products such as grab rails, side-opening bath tubs, seats and low level shower trays to help make life easier for our clients.

Our lines of grab rails meet the most stringent safety requirements and are manufactured with quality raw materials that make them long lasting and durable. Coatings come in vinyl, powder or beautiful satin and chrome finishes.

Thanks to our latest range HUG, grab rails become true furnishing complements available in fantastic new modern colours such as aubergine, copper and lime, grey dotted and red dotted. "HUG is a cut above the "just functional" concept and aims to offer users a "functional furnishing". The new rails are contemporary in design and perfectly complement mirrors, furniture elements, containers and washbasins. Their appearance can be enhanced when accessorised with shelves and containers.

The side opening tubs are one of the core products we offer. These allow users with limited mobility to enjoy a warm and relaxing bath ensuring intimacy and comfort. All of the tubs are designed to drastically reduce the need for maintenance and service and offer multiple customisation options.

Bathtubs can also be replaced by a shower tray with minimum effort by a professional. The old tub and the taps are removed, the plumber assesses the water pipes' condition and if it is necessary to move the drain and water outlets. Finally the shower tray is laid and the enclosure fitted. The new HUG collection offers beautiful trays in Mineral Composite and an enclosure with split doors for increased comfort and safety.

The seats we offer come designed in innovative shapes and on trend colours that complement those with a timeless polished stainless steel finish for a modern and stylish bathroom. HUG in particular has brought a fresh timeless look to the bathroom thanks to new vintage shapes and colours. There are several options for safety enhancements such as our popular arm and back rests. The HUG seats are manufactured in polyurethane which comes in coral red, graphite grey and warm-white colours complemented by the seat's inner frame in stainless steel.

Would you like to find out more about making your bathroom safer? Speak to our experts on 01273 735005 or by emailing us.