Mineral Composite: here’s why we chose to use this beautiful, versatile and eco-friendly material.

Mineral Composite has been chosen by our design experts as the material of choice for our latest collection launch, HUG.

Selecting materials for bathroom solutions is an extremely important part of the design process. While our team of inclusive design experts was working on our latest range "hug", we decided to use mineral composite (an innovative synthetic material) for our washbasins and shower trays.

This material really impressed us, says Ponte Giulio's Marco Ragno, as it is created with a very low environmental impact and by using very little energy. He says: "Every single item that we manufacture with it undergoes strict quality checks and is tested according to international standards."

The main component of Mineral Composite is a type of stone from the Dolomites which is blended with polymerised resin. It's then mixed homogeneously with pigment particles and quartz, to deliver a final result that gives a very smooth surface finish that is also extremely durable and resistant. Mineral Composite can be produced in almost any colour and shape and its surface can reflect the natural appearance of wood, rock and sand.

The "hug" collection comprises of a number of items that offer a cosy finish to the bathroom space, making them ideal for within the home. There are two different types of washbasin in the collection, one with just the basin and another console with a right or left handed countertop. The shower trays come in a squared and rectangular shape.

Marco adds: "We couldn't choose a better and more innovative material for our new furnishing collection. It is extremely ecological as are all the other raw materials we use to make all of our products making us a truly green manufacturer.

"With "hug" we haven't just created a new rage, but set new values. We believe that Mineral Composite is a great element in "hug" and will help us create safer and more comfortable bathroom spaces which are more and more functional and fit for the needs of users across different generations.''

If you would like to find out more about the "hug" collection or Mineral Composite for your bathroom, please contact our experts here.