Ponte GIULIO: AAL for an ageless bathroom

Ponte Giulio contributes to the development of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), thanks to its participation in the Mo.Di.Pro project.

The world population is increasingly becoming an ageing one. With the number of elderly people in the population rising over recent years, people's needs are changing and so is their way of living, particularly in the home. Many elderly people within our communities have to consider mobility and how they will get around their home, and some also have to manage how they live with an illness.

The IT, Bio-Engineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering and Science for Architecture Departments of the University of Genoa in Italy, have collaborated on a project entitled Mo.Di.Pro. As the technology partner to the bathroom field, Ponte Giulio has contributed to the project which aims to create a protected discharge model for those being cared for in new hospital areas.

The study uses sophisticated and discreet technology and monitoring systems, along with barrier free and safe environments to improve quality of life for the elderly, including during an illness or infirmity. This can take place while patients are still in hospital and also during after care. Such schemes are then transferred to private homes to create "intelligent" spaces able to offer independence and safety.

Marco Ragno, Head of Ponte Giulio in the UK says: "When talking about Ambient Assisted Living, we refer to the technologies that help well-being and promote remaining as active as possible while ageing. It is these solutions that improve the life of many people who live in difficult domestic environments. Our aim is to eliminate barriers and make life easier for everybody, no matter what their age or capability."

We have been investing for years in modern projects, making solutions available to all in order to make both public and private bathrooms safe and functional. Increasingly, people are looking for products that aid mobility in the bathroom and Ponte Giulio aims to create and supply innovative systems to meet the demand.

Ponte Giulio now offers assistance though its extensive range of products which includes grab rails, seats, low-level access trays and accessories for a safe and independent bathroom at home, in hotels, restaurants and public environments.

To find out more about Ponte Giulio or to speak to our experts about the project, Contact the Ponte Giulio UK experts on 01273 735005.